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Maxi Cabs Service state capital may be a skilled cluster of individual taxi drivers in bigger state capital. We offer premium Cabs services, taking pride in treating our customers with charge and respect. Nevertheless we offer our distinctive, personalized services at customary fare rates Cab Service in Perth.

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Airport Transfers

Need a Perth Airport pick-up or drop-off? Call Maxi cabs Perth. Airport to city transport is our specialty. Dispatch companies don’t take bookings from the airport, but we do. We will be waiting for you at the airport on arrival. 


Travelling with a baby or toddler? Book a taxi with Maxi cabs Perth. If you don’t have your own baby capsule, don’t worry: we will send a taxi with a baby seat that meets all government regulations. 

Baby capsule


If you need one or several maxi taxis in the Greater Perth area, call Maxi cabs Perth. While we have a diverse fleet of taxis, maxi cabs are our specialty. We have a range of 10-seater and 13-seater taxis as well as 7-seater Taragos.


For professional wheelchair taxi services in Perth, call Maxi cabs Perth. We have maxi taxis with a hoist and lift that can easily fit two electric wheelchairs. Maxi cabs Perth is an experienced provider of wheelchair taxi services.


We provide Perth taxi services for your tours and excursions. We aim to deliver the greatest holiday experience by bringing you to wonderful sites in Perth. Avail of our maxi van Perth taxi or our maxi van Perth so that you’ll have all the space you need when you visit Perth.




Planning a wedding? Organise transport for your guests between venues in advance and enjoy the day knowing all transfers are taken care of. Maxi cabs Perth provides outstanding wedding transportation services 24/7 at an affordable price.

Fun Activity in Perth


Boat Surfing

The upside for Perth’s waves is that they’re gentle on beginners and youngsters. And hey, there are still a couple of breaks that even the pros argue are worth jumping on a short board for. For the more seasoned of surfers, here are the surf spots to target.


20 minutes north of Perth CBD is the metro areas most consistent surf break, Trigg Beach. A fun beach break with multiple peaks, this is a busy metro break and needs a swell with a bit of grunt to it to get going. Pick yourself the quietest peak you can find and go for it! Trigg works in all tides with east winds with decent sized right handers. Trigg is patrolled in summer for Cab Service in Perth.

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Comfortable 24/7 Maxi Cabs Service in perth. Airport Transfers, Shuttle & Cabs Service available in competitive rates

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When you’re looking for a good, reliable taxi service in Greater Perth, there are plenty of good reasons to choose us. We’ll highlight a few of those reasons below, but for the full list of benefits of using our services, go to Why choose Maxi Taxi Cab Service in Perth.

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We have Maxi Taxi in our Fleet. We have many happy clients in Perth as well.

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Maxi Cab Service have a lot of happy customers, but we have listed only a few reviews here from those who have used our Maxi Cab Service in Perth.

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