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If you want to know in advance how much your taxi ride with Maxi Cabs Perth will cost? No worries. You can estimate how much you’ll pay for your cab ride with our Taxi Fare Estimate in Perth. You may ask different questions about our taxi services like how much pay for Airport Transfer. That’s why we have set up this page with information about our taxi fares. We add a calculator to quickly let you know about a taxi price quote. We charge standard taxi rates for Greater Perth. At Maxi Cabs Perth, we have several incentives. This allows you to save on your taxi ride, regardless of whether you book a regular taxi or taxi van.

Free Call:

Maxi Cabs don’t charge for call. Call us and save your $1.50. While other taxi companies charge you an extra $1.50 on top of your standard taxi fare. When you call them to pick you up. Maxi Cabs Perth does not charge call fee so you save money if you use our taxis. We also do NOT charge any airport surcharge. And we are flexible with the pick-up time.

Variety of Taxis:

We have a variety of taxi fleet, not just maxi taxis. Our taxi fleet ranges from normal taxis such as Sedans and Station Wagons to 7-seaters, Maxi Cabs and Airport transfer and Wheelchair taxis. We also have taxis with baby seats available. We will send you a type of taxi that suits your needs. But it’s more cost-effective to hire one maxi cab rather than two normal taxis. If your group doesn’t fit one regular-size taxi. By choosing taxi type you can know about your taxi fare.

Fixed Fare or Meter Fare:

Some people like taxi meters and want to pay the meter price. While others prefer knowing a fixed taxi price that won’t change, no matter what happens.

Meter Price:

With Mater Price option, you’ll simply pay the normal meter fare. Maxi Cabs charges standard taxi fares according to the official tariffs. You can also use our Taxi Fare Calculator to get an idea of the price. Total fare that you end up paying may vary a bit depending on traffic at the time of travel. We do not charge call fee or airport surcharge.

Fixed Price:

You can also book your taxi trip for a Fixed Price and pay only the fixed fare. Choose the fixed price, it doesn’t matter if the trip takes longer due to heavy traffic, closed roads or accidents. You have to pay only the price that was agreed on in advance. It’s a relaxing way to travel, especially during busy hour. When you do not watch the meter and worry about the price going up.

How to Pay

All Maxi Cabs Perth taxis have Eftpos facilities. Thus you do not need cash when you take a taxi. We also accept prepayments through phone, which some of clients find extremely convenient. When you choose a fixed price for your taxi ride, you can simply pay in advance and don’t have to worry about or set aside extra time for making a payment when you arrive at your destination.

Using the Taxi Fare Calculator

It takes just a minute to estimate of your taxi fare. We just need some details such as pick-up location and destination. Choose your taxi type and know about the fare.

Tariff 3

Flag FallDistance RateBooking FeeWaiting Time/hr
$6.10$2.56 per km$0$76.00 per hour

Tariff 2

Flag FallDistance RateBooking FeeWaiting Time
$6.10$1.72 per km$0$49.00 per hour

Tariff 1

Flag FallDistance RateBooking FeeWaiting Time
$4.20$1.72 per km$0$49.00 per hour

Note that Taxi Fare Estimate in Perth shown on screen is just an idea only. Actual fare can be different. All customers have an option to choose to go on the meter price or we can give you a set price. Make a call Maxi Cabs Service in Perth Australia today if you would like to go on a set price.