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If you need one or several maxi taxis in the Greater Perth area, call Maxi Cabs Perth. While we have a diverse fleet of taxis, maxi taxis are our specialty. We have a range of 10-seater and 13-seater taxis as well as 7-seater Taragos. Whether you need corporate transfers, taxi services for conferences, school excursions, concerts, parties such as hens and bucks nights, or transport for wheelchairs, bicycles or surfboards, we can easily organise any maxi taxi services to suit your needs.   

When Do You Need a Maxi Taxi?

You can book a regular taxi if you’re travelling with 1 to 4 people – unless you are bringing several large suitcases, in which case you’ll need to let us know so that we can send a larger taxi to fit all your bags. Otherwise, you’ll need to book a maxi taxi that can accommodate more people. You’ll also need a maxi taxi if we need to transport a wheelchair, mobility scooter, bicycle, surfboard or any other large item that won’t fit into a regular taxi. Maxi taxis are often used for:

Airport transfers • Large family outings • Transport to/from concerts, festivals etc. • Corporate events • Wedding transport • Hen’s and buck’s nights • School excursions • Travel with surfboards, bicycles etc. • Wheelchair transport (see our wheelchair accessible taxi page)

Flexible Maxi Taxi Services

Regardless of whether you need maxi taxi transport for 6, 16 or 60 people (or more), we can send the appropriate number of 7/10/13-seater maxi taxis to accommodate everyone. Even if not everyone is travelling to the same destination, we are happy to send as many taxis and maxi taxis as needed to get everyone to where they need to be. We can transport up to 200 people in total if booked in advance. We are located all across Perth and can pick up and drop off at any destination in Greater Perth, including the airport. Maxi Cabs Perth provides premium service at standard taxi rates, and we do NOT charge any call-out fee. You can book your maxi taxi online or contact us for a price estimate and we’re happy to provide you with a set price for your group transport. If you have any special requests, just let us know. Customer service is our priority and we will always try our best to meet all your needs.

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