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Top wheelchair accessible taxi perth

Top Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Perth

Planning a journey with wheelchair accessible taxi is not an easy task. Mostly disable persons have bad journey experience but at  Maxi Cabs Services you can change your experience. Maxi Cabs Services provides premium wheelchair accessible taxi services at cheap fare. For a wheelchair accessible taxi service just let us know about your disability. We will send a cab that suits you. Our drivers will make your journey memorable and you will book us again after this journey. For a Top wheelchair accessible taxi Perth, choose Maxi Cabs Services. Drivers are trained and highly professional. Maxi Cabs has taxis with a hoist and lift that can easily fit two electric wheelchairs. Make a call to Maxi Cabs for  professional wheelchair taxi in Perth. We have maxi Cabs that can easily fit two electric wheelchairs. Maxi Cabs Perth is a highly experienced in Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Service Perth.

Our drivers are caring and respectful because trained to provide a highly professional, service to people. They provide  perfect wheelchair accessible taxi Perth services and are experts to safely transport people who are dependent on a wheelchairs. We accept TUSS vouchers. Maxi Cabs Perth accepts TUSS vouchers and regular payment of our taxi fares. The (TUSS) provides taxi travel at a reduced rate for people with a severe, permanent disability that prevents them from using conventional public transport services. If you are a member of this scheme then You will have to book a TUSS vouchers. You can use this voucher for a discount on rides. Please let us know you have a voucher. For any query about the reduced rate or the price you’ll pay for a wheelchair-accessible taxi with or without a TUSS voucher, just let us know, and will be happy to calculate this for you.