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Wedding Transport Perth

Planning a wedding? Organise transport for your guests between venues in advance and enjoy the day knowing all transfers are taken care of. Maxi Cabs Perth provides outstanding wedding transportation services 24/7 at an affordable price. Forget about expensive limos. Book clean wedding cars at normal taxi rates. Our experienced chauffeurs can transport up to 200 wedding guests. Get in touch and we’ll give you a set price for all the wedding transport you need.
If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll need to think about how the bride & groom and all their guests will get to and from the chapel, restaurant or any other wedding venue booked for the special day.

Don’t wait until the wedding day to sort out your wedding guest transportation Maxi cabs provide Wedding Transport Perth. You wouldn’t want guests having to call and wait for a ride, trying to fit their family in the cab that arrives, having to sort out the fare and possibly even arrive late for the ceremony or wedding dinner. Be smart and arrange appropriate cars for your wedding party in advance.

Limo and luxury car hire with chauffeurs can quickly add up, especially if you’re planning rides for the entire wedding party and all of the couple’s invited family and friends. At Maxi Taxi Wedding Transport Perth, we have come up with an excellent, affordable solution for all your wedding transportation in Greater Perth. Forget about expensive limo hire and extravagant wedding cars for a moment and consider the alternative we offer: Wedding car hire at normal taxi rates Wedding Transport Perth provide by Maxi cabs.

You receive the same wedding car hire service but, this way, there will be more left in your budget for food and beverage, your honeymoon, or any other products and services you’d rather spend your money on than on transport.

  • * Travel together: Book taxis & maxi taxis with us for up to 200 people
  • * Travel in style: Wedding cars will be sparkling clean and can be decorated
  • * No waiting: Our punctual drivers ensure no guests have to wait for a ride
  • * 24/7 rides: We get your guests back to their home or hotel safely at night
  • * Good chauffeurs: All our drivers are friendly, licenced and police-checked
  • * Save on transport: You’ll get professional wedding car hire at taxi rates
  • * Fixed price: We give you a set price for your all wedding transportation

Chauffeured Wedding Cars & Maxi Taxis

Maxi Cabs Perth is a group of professional taxi drivers in greater Perth that specialises in clean, professional, affordable wedding transportation.

Whether you need wedding cars for 2, 20 or 200 people, we can transport everyone together in any combination of taxi cars and maxi taxis. From individual pick-ups and drop-offs to group travel between venues, Maxi Cabs Perth can arrange it all. Our drivers are punctual, friendly and professional. We make sure all your guests and members of your wedding party get to where they need to be on time and in style.

The wedding cars and maxi taxis will be sparkling clean and our chauffeurs will be suitably dressed. We can also decorate our taxis and maxi taxis with ribbons for a festive look and welcoming touch. You can be sure that whenever our Wedding Transport Perth and maxi taxis are booked for weddings, we take extra special care that our vehicles are super clean, both inside and outside, and that they smell nice and fresh.

Flexible Wedding Transportation at Taxi Prices

No matter how many venues, destinations or appointments you have on the day, or how many people need to arrive somewhere at the same time, Maxi Cabs Perth can make it happen. We’re very flexible and we work 24/7. We’ll show up wherever you need us and be there at whatever time may you need us. We have taxis for 2, 3 and 4 people and maxi taxis for up to 13 people. With all our cars together, we can transport up to 200 people on your wedding day if needed.

Let us know what your wedding party looks like and who you want to travel together in one vehicle, and we’ll select the cars and maxi taxis to suit the configuration of your group. Why throw money away at expensive limo hire when your wedding guests can be transported by friendly chauffeurs in immaculate looking taxis for much less?

At Perth Maxi cab, Wedding Transport Perth promise you professional wedding car hire services at affordable prices. So you can spend more of the wedding budget on that gorgeous dress, the succulent lobster or the French champagne!

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